Flames of the Forest

Mrinalini Cariapa, founded Flames of the Forest, an exclusive collection of designer jewellery, in 2006. The passionate designer travels extensively to source rare semi-precious gems, - like Fossils, Jaspers, Solar Quartz, Lodolite - and sets them in Sterling Silver, turning them into unique wearable jewellery. Occasionally, on her quests for these gems, she stumbles upon the odd raw Emerald, unpolished Aquamarine or streaked Turquoise, and handcrafts these rare stones into magnificent works of art. 
Her designs draw inspiration from nature, making them appealing to women of any age. These timeless creations are the perfect accessories to both, ethnic and western wear. Being highly qualified in the discipline of jewellery and semi-precious stones, this conscientious artisan takes special care that the stones she uses have not been dyed or treated with any unnatural process. 

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