Story Tellers | 28 Apr 2017

A New Harvest

Ripened, juicy guavas fall from wide branches from a tree, the dried-up veranda now blossoms with an assortment of flowers, bees swarm to cultivate honey; it seems, as if, the garden has come to life. Similarly, several communities across the country are set to begin afresh as they celebrate beginning-of-the-year festivals.

As the festival approaches, we take time out from our lives and take out the big ragged cloth and get to work. Our grandmother ensures we pick every cobweb from every corner of the house. A couple of the days from the festival, the house is adorned with lights and bulbs, to give the home a vibrant feel and also to light the spark within us. We sit with our mothers to decide the special menu for the day resolving to forget our diets on an auspicious day. Come festival day and the energy of the house changes. Positive energy and light guide us through the various rituals scheduled from dawn to dusk. But hey! Are we missing something we love doing on that day? Yes, the answer was on your mind all along. We love picking the clothes we want to wear on that day. Be it a ghagra and choli or salwar kameez, the activity brings a smile to one's face. A debate ensues with our sisters if we should wear an anarkali or a kurti. While one suggests a pair of pearl earrings, the other is adamant on the diamond neckpiece that is a family heirloom. Among all of this, we laugh, we tease, we make memories. Here is a list of festivals that fall this week, till the weekend, and a something you can wear on the day.

1. Vaisakhi in North and Central India
With the energetic beats of the dholak and the splash of colours, this festival is an annual occurrence and is celebrated by the Sikh community. This year, it falls on April 13 and marks the Solar New Year for the community. 
What you can wear: Ombre Lehenga with its bold and bright colours, it makes for a perfect outfit for celebrations.