Upcycled jewellery becomes the next cool accessory to own

17 Mar 2017

This week at Red Polka, we are celebrating the labour of love, in other words, meraki. The Greek word means to do something, be an activity or an endeavour, by putting your soul into it. We put the spotlight on Desically Ethnic, a Hyderabad-based brand that makes affordable yet stylish ethnic-wear. As they complete two years on March 26, they are set to showcase a new collection of upcycled products. These include light-weight jewellery, funky bandanas, functional spectacle cases and more. According to co-founder Akshaya Rajee, “these items are crafted with underlying passion and undivided attention.”

What is Upcycle?

Many believe upcycle and recycle to be the same thing. But, they are not! Upcycle and recycle are two different things. The former means to use waste and turn it into an item of higher value, as opposed to the latter, which aims at breaking down the material to create something new. An example of upcycling is cutting and stitching patches of old leather jeans on a bag!

An upcoming practice in India

Upcycling is in a fairly nascent stage in the country, though designers are actively incorporating it in their production process. Take for example the new collection of Descially Ethnic. The Hyderabad-based brand is set to complete two years on March 26 this year, and to celebrate the occasion, will be launching a new line of upcycled products. These include necklaces, bandanas, mobile/spec covers, bracelets, earrings, table mats, coasters and more.

The idea to upcycle struck Akshaya Rajee, co-founder of Desically Ethnic, three months back when she encountered multitudes of waste materials being thrown around in the production unit. Since most of the brand’s clothes are made using handloom, the waste, which was primarily cotton, is used to make the new range of upcycled items.

Speaking to Akshaya Rajee, co-founder of Desically Ethnic, she says, “We pride our new collection of upcycled products by the designs our artisans have created. They are lightweight and cool funky,” adding, “one of the coolest accessories is a necklace made of Thermocol, which is light as a feather but makes a stylist statement.”

You can shop their new collection of Upcycled products by clicking HERE. They are priced between Rs 100-2000.    

By Team Red Polka


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