9 Tiny, Easy to Carry Navratri Essentials

07 Oct 2016

Everyone’s favourite part about navratri is the dancing – 9 days of colour, coordinated with 9 days of dancing. The dancing can go on for upto 5 hours, with all of us wanting to keep up with the pace, and dance our best. However, the only way we can do that is if we come well stocked, prepared for a night of some serious dancing.

However, here’s the catch – you can’t carry a clutch, or a bag the way you would when you go clubbing. The bag has to be small, and you have to be able to dance with it. So how do you carry just what you need in tiny carry on bag? What do you carry in that tiny bag, what are absolute essentials? Well, that’s what we’re here for

1) A bandaid: While carrying around first aide when you go out is probably the wisest, on navratri night, all you need is a band aid. Whether you’re dancing bare footed or wearing closed shoes, ensure that you have some band aides on you at all times – the shoes may give you a shoe bites, and people may stamp on your feet quite painfully if you’re bare footed. That single band aide could save you.

2) Foldable Shoes: Foldable shoes are, arguable, the greatest things since sliced bread. They’ll fit snugly inside even the tiniest bag, and can save the day when you’re out killing it with that garba and dandiya.

3) An energy bar: Most garba and dandiya grounds have a no exit policy. So if you need a quick bite for energy, you can’t leave the ground. You can’t really carry a tiffin around and dance, so a quick bite of an energy bar should give you just the boost you need, and will fit perfectly in that tiny bag

4) Hairclips and rubberbands: Seems obvious, isn’t it? But a lot of us forget these essentials at home. During navratri, these are especially important, since most of us tend to leave the house with our hair open, and impeccable. Once we start dancing though, it a whole different scenario. You don’t want your hair getting tangled while you twirl, do you?

5) A tiny bottle of perfume: Emphasis on tiny. A simple spray of perfume can leave you feeling refreshed after hours of dancing.

6) Oil Sheets: No one can go to the restroom and calmly redo their makeup during those garba and dandiya nights. But easy to carry, compact, oil-absorbing sheets will ensure that you can simply dab whatever makeup issues you have away.

7) A Travel Size Water Bottle: A sip of water during a tiring dance routine is just what you need. While water is sold at most garba venues, you often have to get through the crowd to buy the water, which you’ll then have to put down to dance. A small, travel size bottle will make your life so much easier.

8) Emergency Money: Most of us like to leave our bags and cash in the car, if we’ve come by a personal car. However, in the tiniest, most secret pocket of your carry on bag, slip a few 100 rupee notes in – again, you’re not allowed to leave the venue and re-enter, so ensure that you don’t have a money emergency.

9) And finally – a ready to have fun attitude! This is the easiest, lightest, and yet most important thing to carry along during any garba night. Don’t let the rains deter you if the sky decides to cry, and just dance the night away. A ready to have fun attitude is as absolute must for garba night.

By Team Red Polka


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