Story Tellers | 28 Apr 2017

Checks and Balance: 6 striped or checked dresses you can wear at work

Did you have a look at Katy Perry's recent photoshoot for Vogue, or Shraddha Kapoor's latest airport look? If you have, then there is one thing in common, that is, stripes and checks. While you may sport stripes one day and checks the other, there is a lot of drama associated when the two combine to make a chaotic ensemble. Shirt dresses are clearly the winner when it comes to comfort and style this hot, bubbly summer. Mix all these elements and you will get a shirt dress with checks and stripes. Isn't it a cool summer combo?

Every Monday, we celebrate the essence of office work-wear by curating a list of options that are comfortable yet stylish, trendy yet classy. At Red Polka, we believe in the power of clothes and why one should dress as per the occasion/event. After all, the clothes you wear is an extension of your personality. See the difference when you sport a blazer over a plain T-shirt as opposed to only wearing the latter. Not only that, wearing appropriate clothes will make you feel better. Check out our segment titled Monday Crisps for more work related fashion inspiration.

Here are five amazing striped and checked dresses you should wear to office this summer:

1.Gala Dress with Stripes

A perfect throw-on and leave piece, this dress is a winner when it comes to style and class. Cool colours such as whites and blues are summer's favourite, hence; this ensemble is a must-have.

Find it on Red Polka HERE.

2.Gingham Cotton Midi Dress

When you have an important meeting and you want to assert your authority, we recommend this powerful gingham midi dress. It spells class and also has an unparalleled style statement.

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3.Navy Plaid Cocktail Dress