15 Mar 2017

Meraki, a Modern Greek word, derived from the Turkish “Merak” (Labour of love, to do something with pleasure), is applied to tasks, usually, creative or artistic tasks, but can be applied to any task at all.

Meraki means to do something with passion, with absolute devotion, with undivided attention.

No matter how difficult a task, it is done with all your effort, with enthusiasm, with eagerness,

 with complete love; it is done with all your heart, a labour of love, so to speak.

Meraki is to put your soul into something, to put a little bit of yourself into it, be it dancing, singing, making or creating. 

This week, we at Red Polka are talking about all the love that all our brands put in and give birth to some of the most lovely designs, original designs, designs that can touch your heart. 

Red Polka stands for #thechosenone. It is an online shopping website for you to discover and buy curated trendy designs in women's fashion, home decor and kids-wear, handpicked from a range of boutique designers. These designers are our soul, and they put their soul into their creation to make it extra special for us and our customers. When you wear a piece bought from Red Polka, you are going to shine through and get noticed. 

And for this, we love rubberband, the stationery brand's philosophy- #DoEverythingYouLove.

"Service can have no meaning unless one takes pleasure in it. Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant, nor the served." - Mahatma Gandhi

To say it another way: If you don’t do what you love, ultimately, what purpose are you serving?

Do Only What You Love

Try increasing the percentage of time you spend in activities that are intrinsically interesting, are personally rewarding, and feel natural to do. The closer to 100% you get the better! Keep yourself on track by asking yourself the following questions:

* Is this activity easy, effortless, and enjoyable?
* Does it make time go by quickly?
* Do I look forward to doing it? And does it make me feel good about myself?
* Does it make me feel as if I’m contributing to something bigger—something that’s meaningful to me?

Don’t worry if you don’t yet know what that “something bigger” is—doing what you love may help you find it.

Today, let's take upon this journey and check out our curation of someone of the modest, but great, designers from our panel. Enjoy!

By Team Red Polka


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