Party Jewels

12 Dec 2016

This party season turn your wardrobe into a jewel box with amazing jewel tones! This trend is sure to leave your feeling like a princess who is a chic fashionista!

With party season kicking in, one of the things we’re most looking forward to is jewel tones. Rich, luxurious colours like ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, topaz yellow, and lively turquoise are just a few tones seen on the runways that will make their way to your local department store. Jewel tones are a perfect way to dress up a look and give a pop of colour to a rather normal outfit.

Almost any coloured gemstone can be replicated with a jewel tone, although some are certainly more famous than others. In general, a jewel tone is very bold, and it exemplifies the classic colour associated with a particular gemstone. For example, although sapphires come in a range of colours and saturations, sapphire blue is a very distinctive, rich, heavy blue.

In textiles, jewel tones can create a very lush look, especially when they are layered or paired with other jewel tones. Jewel toned textiles can be found in fashion design, bedding, and drapes. Jewel toned rugs are also quite popular, especially in classical design since they can lend an air of rich distinction to a room. Complimentary jewel tones like amethyst purple and topaz yellow can be used for a particularly vibrant effect, as long as the level of saturation is similar so that the two colours do not clash.

One of our favourite ways to incorporate jewel tones into our wardrobe is through accessorizing. By doing this you are not only on trend, but also able to ease your way into this fall trend without making a huge commitment. Plus, many of these accessories can be paired with other pieces in your closet, creating many new looks.

But you certainly shouldn't save jewel tones for just your accessories. A gorgeous, leather navy or oxblood mini skirt would be a smart investment that could be worn for many seasons to come.

You can also keep your jewel-tone look toned down by wearing navy blue paired with a jewel toned top or blouse. Navy blue is an extremely easy-to-shop colour that really does work for almost anyone and with any coloured topped with it!

Starting to feel a little more daring? Try adding two jewel tones into one look. Alicia, in the third picture from the left, wore a shimmery emerald green top and paired it with a jewel-tone bag. This complimentary colour scheme makes each piece of her outfit stand out.

You haven't conquered this trend until you've rocked the monochromatic jewel tone look. Blair (far right) paired a metallic leather oxblood skirt with the same oxblood-tone sweater. The two pieces look like they were made for each other when, in fact, they're two totally different brands.


Whether you want to let your jewel-tone accessories do all the talking or be fashion forward with a monochromatic jewel-tone look, adding jewel tones into your fall wardrobe is on trend, easy, and can be extremely chic! Discover an amazing collection of all things in jewel tones on Red Polka all this week!

By Team Red Polka


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