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5 Bollywood BFFs Slaying Squad Outfits is just what you need for some Monday Motivation

Alia Bhatt - Parineeti Chopra: The new kids on the block

These girls are the divas of young fashion, who are the epitome of sunshine girls with their happy, smiling faces and their giggly interviews. From cute summer dresses and sneakers to LBDs and slinky heels to striking gowns with minimal accessories, these girls are breaking all the old rules of fashion, whether casual or ethnic and setting up a parallel universe of their own. While each of them has their own individual style, as one can see from their sartorial dressing choices, together they can set the stage on fire.

Sonam Kapoor - Jacqueline Fernandes: The style setters

These ladies with the million-dollar smiles are the ones who take fashion seriously, which makes them the uncrowned style queens of Bollywood. Whether you catch them in high-collared dresses or in off-shouldered tops, or even in the typical award ceremony gowns, you will find loads to rave about. They can rock the simple jeans and t-shirt look, with just a few accessories, a coat here and a pair of boots there. Their friendship only inspires the best in each one, with their chic taste reflecting clearly in each design they don.

Deepika Padukone – Priyanka Chopra: The international favourites

Painting foreign towns red, these are girls who know exactly what they want and are all set to get it. Even when they wear dresses and gowns that are strikingly similar, they look starkly different, and that speaks volumes for their style game. Whether it’s their finely lined eyes, or their carefully coiffed hair, or even just those dazzling smiles, their quotient is unmatched. With so many international appearances of late, their little touches of glamour make all the difference, and they are surely taking Indian fashion to the world.

Anushka Sharma - Katrina Kaif: The chic chicks

While one is the quintessential girl next door, the other is the girl every girl wants to be. Anushka’s trademark vivaciousness reflects in her bright colour choices, as it does in the kind of clothing styles she experiments with, and Katrina is more reserved and classic in her choices. A classic case of opposites attracting, and yet, both of them complement each other beautifully. Fitness freaks both, they are equally particular about what they eat and when they work out, a fact that reflects in how well they maintain their figures, and how beautifully each dress seems to fall so perfectly as though they were poured into it.

Kareena Kapoor Khan – Amrita Arora: The easy fashionistas

When you have been friends for as long as these girls have, it starts to show in your similar choices. While Kareena’s cinematic record is light years ahead of Amrita’s, their fashion sense seems to be cumulatively on point. Their multiple appearances together ensure that they are caught in all kinds of attire, whether it is casual or chic, sweaty or suave, formal or dressed down. They have moved seamlessly from the tube top generation to the cold shoulder top one, and aced it each step of the way. At every instance, what stands out is their immense comfort level, with each other, and most importantly with what they are wearing.

By Team Red Polka

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