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5 blouses for the upcoming Diwali season

For every woman who likes to curate her wardrobe for the upcoming festivities of Diwali, there is another who finds it a daunting task. If you’re feeling intimidated by the thought of putting together a festive wardrobe, worry not. October brings a fresh wave of fashion inspiration.

Starting with one of our favourite brands, Prathaa, we took four key trends to make the festive season an affair to remember. From contemporary ruffles and bell sleeves to traditional batik and Ghoti print, here’s your look book for the festive season this Diwali.

1.     1. What to wear: Umbrella Sleeve Half Peplum Crop Top for Dhanteras
The fresh yellow colour gets a contemporary twist with flowly, fluid umbrella sleeves. The bandhani design adds a graceful appeal to the overall simple crop top.

You can wear it with:Straight black pants.

2.    2.  What to wear: Full Khesh Crop Top for Choti Diwali
The sturdy fabric of khesh has the power to transform the entire look of the blouse into a bold statement piece.
You can wear it with: Skirt of light shades such as whites or beige.

3.     3.What to wear:Brown Batik Bell Sleeves Blouse for Lakshmi Puja
Clever draping, stylish cuts and innovative designs have set the tone for this batik-printed crop top.
You can wear it with: Pants or skirt of a dark colour such as maroon.

4.     4. What to wear: Pink Batik Box Sleeve Blouse for Govardhan Puja

Vibrant batik print and a luxe cut makes this blouse a must have. The details of the piece place the focus on the neckline, which can be your accessory for this outfit.
You can wear it with: A long skirt of a dark colour.

5. What to wear: Bengali Traditional Puff (Ghoti) Sleeve Blouse for BhaiDuj
There is an air of femininity and appeal in this blouse. A blend of traditional print and modern design absorbed in the fabric of this piece will breathe life into any outfit.
You can wear it with: Use the top as the blouse for a saree of a light colour.

By By Team Red Polka

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