Story Tellers | 03 Jul 2017

Bungalow 9: Haven for Romantic Dates and Pop-up Fleas

Bungalow 9 is an all occasion restaurant! But it is it's beauty and charm that has turned it into the most preferred proposal and date night destination in Mumbai. Today Mrs Pereira, one of the co-owner of Bungalow 9 shares with us some interesting historical background of this lovely place.

"In the last seven years, this place which was more famous for date nights has turned into the most preferred proposal destination. At least a dozen couples embark on their together-life here!" Says Mrs Pereira. 
She adds, "the fascinating blend of tranquil ambience, dramatic food presentations and gracious service is what creates the aura of Bungalow 9.  We love how all our patrons enjoy an exclusive romantic evening with their partners or simply spend quality time with their loved ones... At Bungalow 9 we want to offer you an unforgettable experience each time."

Have you ever been to Bungalow 9? You should! This beautiful Bungalow sprawls in different directions... a courtyard, a lounge bar, a terrace and multiple private dining rooms. Rows of greenery generously spread all over this gorgeous property lit with the dappled light of lanterns hanging from its high ceiling. It offers you a choice to either sit beneath the stars in the lively courtyard or go for a quiet meal in the elegant indoors. And since this lovely bungalow hails in the heart of Bandra, it is one of the most easily accessable 'dining place' in the city!

Mrs Pereira doesn't talk about the multiple food awards Bungalow 9 has won  over the years, but talks about the place like she is expressing an emot. She shared with us the beautiful history of Bungalow 9, and what a lovely Victoria connection it has! 
"Bungalow 9 pays tribute to the British era bungalows- which once was the very essence of the Bandra of the past", says Mrs Pereira.

She further adds, "The venue was once an old tobacco factory, which was tastefully crafted into a fine dining restaurant by the co-owners – Anselm & Leonys Pereira, who own the exquisite and sprawling high-end furniture store – DAMIAN also located in Bandra West. This was the Pereiras' first venture in the restaurant business, and along with co-owner – Sanjay Vazirani, owner of Foodlink Services, whose expertise in the food and beverage industry has  been over a decade, jointly created Bungalow 9."

We ask what's the significance of the named Bungalow 9? And Mrs Pereira says, "The name BUNGALOW 9  itself has become a landmark – a beautifully created Bungalow, located at 9, St John Baptist Road, Bandra West."

When you visit this lovely bungalow in Bandra, you'll see how this colonial styled structure makes a great impression - with its vast space, impressive ambience, dramatic food presentations and gracious service.  Ranging from an English tavern styled lounge, to an elegant indoor dining, to open courtyards or private dining rooms, Bungalow 9 has the perfect ambience to make your celebrations even more memorable!

Apart from the lovely dinner dates and gastronomical events. Bungalow 9 is also one of the most famous places for pop-up fleas. Some great curated exhibitions take place here, just like it does at Bungalow 8 in South Mumbai, and the Vintage Garden in Bandra. 

On July 6th, Red Polka is ready to bring to you a curated exhibition at Bungalow 9. It will be pop-up showcasing some amazing designs from great homegrown design houses. And you should definitely check it out, and catch the happy hour too!