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Trend Alert: Ruffle mania! Here is how Sonam Kapoor ruffles her sleeves

Fashion enthusiast or not, one take back from the various fashion weeks around the globe is to sport ruffle. The omnipresent ruffle will dominate shirts that you wear to office, dresses that you flaunt for evening shenanigans and kurtas that you don for festive occasions. Not only do ruffles or frills add a hint of feminine flourish to your ensemble, they are also fashion’s favourite trend. 

Scrolling through Sonam Kapoor’s Instagram feed seems like flipping through a high-end magazine, which only has her in it. And, we’re not complaining. Whether she is basking in the sun on her porch or accepting an award, the Neerja actress never fails to impress us with her fashion choices. 

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Here are 6 instances when we borrowed ruffle inspiration from her by just going through (ogling) at her Insta feed. 

Check out the list!

1.Power suit
A crisp white shirt with ruffled up sleeves at the shoulders paired with black culottes and kitten heels, isn’t this a perfect outfit for the office meeting you’ve been preparing for weeks? Add a belt and droplets, and you’re ready to go!

2.Sleeve tease
A blue knee-length dress with wide ruffled sleeves at the ends add a glamorous blemish to the overall plain outfit. We like how she paired the outfit with yellow shoes. (You can see the insides of the sleeves that are also yellow!)

3.Polka pairing
We see her strutting in a polka-dotted shirt tucked inside a blue skirt. Care to ponder, and you will notice not only ruffled sleeves, but a ruffled skirt as well.

4. Bare wear
An off-shoulder pastel coloured ruffled dress is just the perfect number for a humid day this summer. We like the throw-on-and-leave statement this dress makes.

5.Ruffle mania
Easy-breezy and fun to wear, slip it on and open your hair! There is a lot happening with the dress and yet it all comes together in one amazing ensemble.

6.Dress to kill
Wide-opened ruffle sleeves with an asymmetrical cut paired with a fitted crop top over the dress spells complete annihilation. Add to that smoky eyes, and we’re blown.

At Red Polka, we curate handpicked designs that are trendy as well as contemporary. Read more about wearable Summer/Spring trends HERE.  
Photo courtesy: SonamKapoor/Instagram

By By Team Red Polka

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