Story Tellers | 10 May 2017

11 Moms all Bollywood Buffs Will Know

Bollywood is not just about watching a few movies in a comfy chair with popcorn and samosas - in India it is a way of life. Movies become the connection between a dream world and reality, with many of us finding parallels between what is shown on screen and some aspect of our lives. And with the emotional quotient of the mother-child bond, hindi films have given us some of the best portrayals of mothers. Each mother has stood out in her own way, and created an element of fun, comedy, stress, or melodrama. We present to you our pick of these popular and dynamic screen mommas; we are sure you will relate to one or many of these!

1) The Mother of all Maas – Nirupa Roy

Remember the famous ‘Mere pas Ma hai’ dialogue from the Bollywood blockbuster Deewar? Well, that iconic ‘Maa’ was Nirupa Roy. She has played the sacrificing mother who suffers silently and helplessly in many movies, some of which were immensely popular, like Amar Akbar Anthony, Mard, and Muqaddar ka Sikandar. What stands out most in her characterization is the intensity and purity of her love and the need to protect her child from all harm, without considering the consequences to her own self. Don’t all mothers do that, albeit in their own little ways?

2) The Melodramatic Maa – Rakhee

This is another actress who has spawned millions of memes, gifs, and spoofs for her eternal dialogue, “Mere bete aayenge!” From Ram Lakhan to Baazigar to Karan Arjun, movies have raked in moolah, just revolving around her unending (and seemingly unrealistic) wait for her children to return / reform / avenge, and the sheer conviction that they will. She defined ‘love-infused-melodrama.’ Many can connect with this mother, as she goes about her day-to-day life in silence and solitude, never complaining or snapping and yet has principles and morals that stand rock-steady despite all hardships.

3) The Sanskari Maa – Reema Lagoo

The typical ‘sanskaari’ maa, she will give sound advice, cry at the drop of a hat, or just know the right words to make you do her bidding with just one look. She was a Bollywood favourite through the 1990s with a slew of movies that consolidated her special on-screen bond with Salman Khan (who can forget her shy smiles in Maine Pyar Kiya?) She is the soft mom, who has been brought up a certain way, and tries to guide her children to the best of her abilities. She is the perfect foil to the father, whether he is busy, indulgent, or upright. She may occasionally falter, because times change and everything doesn’t hold true, and she is a different person from the one her mother was. Despite all this, her love for her children will help her see the light and she will keep the family together.

4) The Drama Queen Maa – Kirron Kher

Be it the silently-raging mother in Devdas or the controlled-dramatic mom from Dostana / Khoobsurat, or the uber cool and mature ma in Kabhi Alvida na Kehna, Kirron Kher has emerged as the new age mother we all desperately want.  She is two worlds combined — ask her to go nuclear or change with the times, sure she will; but she will guilt you into doing her bidding equally effectively with her silent tears or fiery looks. While the drama does make you roll your eyes at times, the underlying emotion of wanting to see her child happy and settled (even if she doesn’t completely agree with her choices) is something that most kids would want in their moms. She is the perfect shoulder to cry on or to chat about your problems, because if you cut out the drama, what she says definitely makes sense. This is one mom you definitely want on your side at all times.

5) The Hands-On Maa – Jaya Bachchan

Most popular in recent times for her role in glam multi-starrers like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham and Kal ho na ho, this powerhouse performer is also the one who plays the strong and vocal mother whose love takes a beating in the name of terrorism in 1084 Ki Maa and Fiza.  She’s the mother who wants to be involved in every aspect of her child’s life, but will abide by their decisions eventually, even if it breaks her heart. She has her finger on their pulse, and knows what they need, without them saying a word. Her sheer character and silent strength is what keeps the child going, even in times of stress and strained family ties.