5 basic ways to give your home a luxurious look

30 Mar 2017

So you have come back from a holiday! Interestingly, while you’re relieved to be back home, your mind, still, sometimes, wander between the white as snow, crisp bed spread of the hotel bedroom, or the heart convinces the mind to buy that wide-sized, big as a giant metallic photo frame you saw hanging in the living room, or you might, on some days, picture yourself sitting on a hand-crafted wooden dining table eating take-out Chinese. While it might not be possible to duplicate the extravagance of a plush hotel room, there are definitely some quick ways to make your home look luxurious. Try these:

1.Use opulent fabric
Let’s start with cushions. You might have a handful in your living room and bedroom. Select fabrics such as silk, brocade, velvet and jacquard to cover the cushion to give the room a plush feel.
What you should buy: We think these Ethnic brocade cushion covers exudes a polished, extravagant vibe.
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2.Savour antiques
Add some old-world charm and finish to your abode, maybe a vintage lamp shade or a distressed gold photo frame or a wooden clock. If you have memorabilia, maybe you can display all of it on glass planks on one wall as well.  
What you should buy: For an antique feel, install this pastel shaded flower-embossed silver lamp shade on one of the side tables.
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3. A green plant
Studies have shown that looking or being around plants reduces anxiety. A lush, leafy plant kept next to the dining hall table or, even better, hanging from the ceiling will draw in a sense of calm. You can store these in exuberant vases that range from wooden to metallic.
What you should buy: This rustic vase is big enough to store a bush of chrysanthemums while emanating a luxurious vibe.
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4. Aroma that satiates the soul
Nothing spells luxury than a house that smells good. Adding aroma candles or agarbattis is a wonderful way to amp the overall atmosphere of the living room or bedroom. A good-looking candle holder can transform any space from ordinary to extraordinary.
What you should buy: Why not add a bit of wood to your abode by placing your lavender-scented agarbatti in this terracotta stand.
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5.Add a statement piece of furniture
Sprinkle some glamour and glitz to your living room by incorporating a vintage, classy chair or a wooden bookshelf to your house. Invest some time in thinking about such a purchase.
What you should buy: You can opt to buy this vintage low seat with Kuba upholstery as it is a perfect combination of opulent class and unassuming grandeur.
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Someone rightly said, “Home is where the heart is.”
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By Team Red Polka


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