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Making All Things Beautiful With Diya Mehta

What does contemporary mean to us? Is it something that is just upbeat and trendy? Or is it something that seamlessly blends style with comfort? Today, we’re in conversation with Diya Mehta, whose brainchild is "Diya Mehta Clothing, Handpicked Designer Label @RedPolka" and who truly believes that “great design is a marriage of comfort and contemporary style.”

Diya is an ex-ad-film producer, a full-time mother, and inherently a designer. She thought that having an eye for details and designs were the prime skills required for being an ad-film producer, but fate had other plans. With the birth of her daughter, Diya had to bid an early adieu to the ad-film industry. It was only after a decade that she decided to pursue her passion for designing. This gave birth to Diya Mehta Clothing.

1) What motivated you to become a designer and set up Diya Mehta Clothing? What makes the brand unique from the other fashion labels?

Designing comes naturally to me; I’ve always had a tilt towards the beauty in different cuts, colours textures, and prints. I was also greatly influenced by my mother’s eye for detail and putting things together. What makes my line unique is that the clothes are easy to lounge around in and they also fall well. The whole idea is to help you feel great about yourself and your body while simultaneously looking supremely stylish.

2) On your Facebook page, you have mentioned that your childhood was spent around grace and beauty. Would you like to elaborate?

I grew up in a home where all the women around loved having a beautiful home and took great pride in its setup. Whether affluent or not, there was always beauty, thought and elegance in every home.

3) Tell us something about your love for designs.

I believe at the end of the day, great design exists only when there is a marriage of comfort and style. I wanted to create a line that embodies this—something that’s not just easy to wear but also really eye catching. The design is universally attractive, and we see glimpses of Indian motifs and styles even in international fabrics. For example, there are tribes in Israel whose embroidery is similar to the embroidery we see on fabrics from Kutch. It’s like one story that can be told in different languages.

4) What is your idea of style and what does contemporary mean to you?

The style is an expression of yourself —it is best expressed when you’re comfortable in your own skin and the product you are wearing flatters you, irrespective of your skin colour or body structure. Contemporary is something that will always look great. Maharani Gayatri Devi looked chic in a Saree and still does in her photographs. Her style is ageless, and to me that is the true meaning of contemporary.

5)  We recently read that  you also have a home decor line. Do tell us more about it.

Like I mentioned, living around elegant home spaces has inculcated a taste for fine living in me. Given that I work with so many beautiful colours and prints every day, it was only a matter of time before I attempted to use these to create luxurious home accents. I have just begun designing home accessories like cushions and table linen and I am looking forward to the launch of the Diya Mehta Home line, hopefully, next year.

6) The logo of your brand is very intriguing – tell us the story behind it.

My logo has the Tree of Life, because I just love trees and how they embrace, grow and keep providing shade and a home to those who need them.

How can one be contemporary chic with Diya Mehta’s clothing line, suggest three outfits—

• Pleated Dress

• Crushed Blouson

• The Sheer Cape

Check out Diya Mehta's Handpicked Designs here

By By Team Red Polka

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