Story Tellers | 20 Jun 2017

Rekindle Fashion with Nature | #TuesdayTale with Sukanya Bhataacharya of Prathaa

You just need a little bit of wild to live a truly liberating life. Prathaa is a subtle balance of the traditional with contemporary styling to make you look good and feel better. The brand has its values deep rooted into traditions however, they welcome change and innovation which reflects in their designs too. Today we caught up with the owner, Sukanya Bhataacharya - when you meet her, and you'll know why we wanted to do this special piece with her for this week's edition, 'Wild Things'. Even as you read this story, she is travelling in the interiors of Gujarat, spending a few days absorbing the chunk of a weavers’ life. She says, "They (the village weavers) are a hardworking lot of people but the next generation in most households is not pursuing the art. It's heartbreaking to see this beautiful talent fade away like this, so we are trying to play our little role in conserving it.” Red Polka presents a freewheeling conversation with this feisty lady, whose heart is in just the right place.

1) How does your design process work, and what is your go-to when you are starved of inspiration?


Prathaa derives its inspiration from the essence of being a woman. Our clothes try to incorporate qualities of the woman of today and showcase her versatility and beauty with an ethnic touch. Each design we create has an elaborate process behind it, and the starting point is always the commitment towards using natural weaves and breathable material. No matter how modern the design, or how intricate the pattern, we ensure that we don’t stray from our promise of 100% natural material. We mix and match colors in eye-catching styles that are sure to appeal to the discerning woman of today.

Our upcoming monsoon collection is largely made up of knee-length dresses, and naturally has leheriya as a theme, with color-blocking in solid colors as a technique, and jute as a supporting material. The trditional Rajasthani design of leheriya, with its lyrical waves and its mellow yet bright colors, is a personification of the monsoon vibe. efeel that the lehriya part of the design reflects the fluidity and flexibility in a woman and the solids project her firmness and strength. In a sense, it gives people an insight into how every woman balances every aspect of her personal and professional life.